Summary Essay代写:Write a Memo

For the final homework task due W 4/15, please write a Memo addressed to MV in which you engage with and respond to the article, attached “Our Post-Pandemic Future Is Already Taking Shape,” from the Opinion section of

In the memo:专业Essay代写

  1. Briefly summarize the article.  What are all of the main points being argued by the author?
  2. How do you feel about the subject?  How do you see the future taking shape, in an economic sense, after the pandemic
  3. At the end of the memo, have a separate section entitled: “Reflections on Vocabulary within the Article”(Explain, to the reader of the memo, that you will be analyzing vocabulary words from the text.2.In five separate, short paragraphs, identify FIVE words or phrases that you don’t recognize. Copy and paste the whole sentence into the memo, with the vocabulary words/phrases in bold-type font. 3.BEFORE defining them through Google, guesswhat you think they mean, based off of context-clues .4.Explain this thought process. 5.Then, define the word, as per the dictionary.)


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