Rhetorical Visual Analysis


What: Rhetorical analysis is a way of understanding and interpreting “texts” by examining the components of their construction.  You will choose an image to analyze considering its rhetorical situation and explain how the different elements of the image work together to try to make its audience do, think, or feel something.  Your goal is to create an argumentative thesis based on your interpretation of the image explaining how the specific aspects of the “text” support your interpretation of the image.


“Why”: Most of the texts we consume are visual in  nature, and much of what we read is accompanied by images.  These images are rarely neutral and often contain implicit arguments connected to specific cultural contexts.  By analyzing an image, you will develop your visual literacy skills and critical thinking skills.  You will also gain a deeper understanding of the ways different modes of composition can advance arguments.  This is an essential life skill.


“How”– to be done before writing: Essay代写

Begin by selecting an image–this can be a product advertisement, propaganda, public health campaigns, movie posters, photographs, t-shirts, videos less than one minute in length, memes etc. As long as the text is primarily visual, it should work for this assignment. You must turn in a copy of the image along with your final paper.

  1. Next, you must determine the rhetorical situation of the image including the author, audience, purpose, context, tone, genre and, design.
  2. Now analyze how the image is composed to produce a specific effect–use of color, layout, contrast etc.
  3. Third, identify the rhetorical appeals that are present in the image (logos/pathos/ethos), or the way the image seeks to engage its audience.
  4. After you’ve considered these aspects, think about how the appeals and strategies used in the image are connected to its rhetorical situation.  Be able to explain how the strategies you’ve identified enable the particular appeals. You should be able to fill out the graphic organizer at this time.  You must turn in the graphic organizer along with your final paper.
  5. Finally, You need to compose a thesis that argues your interpretation of the image based on the choices made in its construction and connect it to the  larger contexts–the “so whats” surrounding it.


Paper Requirements:

  • 2 ½-3 pages in length
  • An approved image to work with–must have emailed to me By ****
  • A thesis that argues a specific interpretation of the image based on detailed supported evidence from the image
  • Coherent organization structure–introduction, body, conclusion
  • Great use of supportive detail for your argument
  • A citation for the image in MLA format
  • Spelling/grammar/punctuation is correct







如何”——写作前要做的事: Essay代写


  1. 接下来,你必须确定图像的修辞情况,包括作者、受众、目的、语境、语气、体裁和设计。
  2. 现在分析图像是如何构成的,以产生特定的效果——使用颜色、布局、对比度等。
  3. 第三,识别图像中存在的修辞诉求(逻各斯/悲情/民族精神),或者图像寻求吸引观众的方式。
  4. 在你考虑了这些方面之后,想想图像中使用的吸引力和策略是如何与其修辞情况相联系的。能够解释你所确定的策略如何实现特定的吸引力。此时您应该可以填写图形管理器。你必须连同你的期末论文一起交图形组织者。
  5. 最后,你需要写一篇论文,论证你对图像的解释是基于对其结构的选择,并将其与更大的背景——围绕它的所以是什么联系起来。
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