How does human sexuality influence individuals and society|英国Essay代写

Purpose: to critically analyze a human sexuality current event and how it can influence individuals, communities, and society.

  • See the background information and guidelines for a full description.
  • See the grading rubricbelow for a guide to how papers will be graded.
  • Available beginning 20 August
  • Paper: due via Carmen by Sunday, 27 October before 11:59 p.m.
  • Early Papers:final/completed papers turned in by September 29 will earn 5 extra credit points. Once graded, papers cannot be resubmitted for a better grade.
  • Late Papers:Each student will receive a 1-day grace period. After the one day grace period a deduction of 10% for each day late up to 2 days. If a paper is turned in 3 days or more late (grace period + 2 days) then a student will earn a zero (0)

Formatting (5 pts; part of “organization/formatting”): Feel free to use the sample formatted paper provided as it guides a student through the writing process and is APA formatted.

  • Minimum of 2 FULL (no more than 3 pages), double-spaced pages of writing (See “Sample Formatted Paper”). Since you do not need a title page, only include 1 line at the top with the title of your paper. Do not include your name, course name, date, faculty/instructor name, etc.
  • 12-pt, New Times Roman font with 1” margins (this is APA formatting).
  • Word or PDF document (not .pages)
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • APA citations and reference list(Links to an external site.) (title page and abstract are not needed) – please use this resource to assure your citations and reference list are APA format. Reference page is not included in the minimum page requirement and will not make a 3-page paper exceed its limit.
  • NOTE: you should have a minimum of 3 reputable sources, one for each “level” (individual, community, societal)

What is a reputable source?

Journal articles or reputable web pages (e.g., typically .gov) are usable sources. Web pages ending with .com or .org and newspaper articles must be pre-approved by Dr. Miller. Wikipedia is not considered a reputable source for this paper.

Wikipedia can be used as a starting point, but not an end point. Wikipedia (Links to an external site.) even says how Wikipedia is not a credible source for academic use!


Choose a human sexuality current/recent news event or policy from the provided list. Research the event/policy and write a paper answering how the topic could affect/influence individuals, communities, and society. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT an opinion (or persuasive) paper; it is more of a research paper.


STEP 1: Choose a Topic:

NOTE: If you want to write on a topic not listed, please contact Dr. Miller to see if it would be an approved topic.

North Carolina’s House Bill 2
Uterine Transplants being Approved
Genetically Modified Embryo’s being Approved
PrEP being available to all
Antibiotic Resistant STIs/STDs
Sex Surrogate
(True) Comprehensive Sex Education (K-12, not just middle/high school)

STEP 2: Research your topic and determine how the topic could affect/influence an individual, community and society.

STEP 3: Follow the general paper outline to develop your paper

  1. Provide a brief introduction to the paper (less than a half a page). This section should introduce your topic and what you will be discussing (2.5 points; part of “organization/formatting”)
  2. Discuss and critically analyze 1 way the topic can affect/influence individuals(positively or negatively). (10 points)
  3. Discuss and critically analyze 1 way the topic can affect/influence a community(positively or negatively). (10 points)
  4. Discuss and critically analyze 1 way the topic can affect/influence society(positively or negatively). (10 points)
  5. Provide a conclusion on the above 3 points. (2.5 points; part of “organization/formatting”)

Examples of “Individuals” = you, your friend, an infant, a parent, etc.

Examples of “communities” = schools, community centers, neighborhoods, schools, universities, churches, cultural group, etc.

Examples of “societal” = law, policies, taxes, societal norms, culture, ideologies, societal attitudes, socioeconomic status/differences, etc.

*I am providing you examples of what constitutes “individual,” “communities,” and “societal.” These are not inclusive lists; they are being provided solely to assist students in ideas of what constitutes each level.

STEP 4: Write a draft of your paper. Proofread your paper and revise as needed.

STEP 5: Double check you followed the formatting requirements and paper requirements.

STEP 6: Submit

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