n this assignment you are to imagine that a non-profit organization has contacted you.They require your expertise as a historian of Canada since 1850. They are creating a colouring book dedicated to a thematic topic in Canadian history since 1850. The NGO intends to release this colouring book to the public, both print and online.
DUE: **** – via Turnitin on Moodle
1. Select a Topic: FreePass专业Essay代写
Select a topic of your choice related to Canadian history. This must be a topic focused on Canadian history no earlier than 1850, and no later than 2000.
2. Provide a short introduction to the colouring book
Write 5-6 sentences that would serve as an introduction to the colouring book.
This introduction should provide a brief overview of your topic and its importance to Canadian history.
3. Produce an annotated timeline of 5 events:
Produce an annotated timeline of 5 events from Canadian history that tell the story of your topic. This timeline does not need to be graphic, simply list each event in a word document in order from earliest to most recent.Each event must have occurred between the years 1850 and 2000, you may not include events earlier than 1850 or later than 2000. Your timeline can include events from the entire 1850-2000 period, or you may select a narrower time frame (for example, 1969-1981). Avoid large gaps in your timeline. The events you select is an important part of this exercise. These events should be linked together and should be representative of your chosen time frame.
4. Text explaining each event:
For each event on your timeline, you must provide 5-6 sentences of text explaining the event and its relevance to your chosen topic. This text must be in your own words, do not use quotations. This text is for use in the colouring book, it must be written clearly and accessible to a large audience (avoid jargon).

5. Suggestions for further reading:
For each event on your timeline, provide a citation (in the Chicago Style) of a scholarly book or an article in an academic journal. This book or article must be relevant to the event you have selected. Websites, blogs, government documents, newspapers will not be accepted, these sources must be scholarly.
To find scholarly material, use the following databases:
• To find books to include, you may wish to use the York University library
• To find academic journal articles, you may wish to use one of the
following journal databases:
o America: History and Life
o Scholars Portal
6. Image Suggestions:
The editor of the colouring book has hired a graphic designer, but they require you to provide suggested images for each event. For each event on your
timeline, find an image online, provide a hyperlink, and in 3-5 sentences describe the image and its relevance to the event

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