WEEK 1: Can Services be Delivered and Consumed without Involving Physical Products?

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Think about the services you are familiar with . . . healthcare, education, dining, travel, etc.

Discussion :Can services be delivered and consumed without involving physical products? If so, describe the service? If not, provide a specific example of a service and the products that support the service?

Feel free to provide a unique answer or to react to/extend/challenge an already posted answer.


Must use course content, especially part6 in week1 notes.

Please be detailed, don’t be general and provide specific examples to support you idea.

200 words.













WEEK 1: Questions from Eat Well Food Services (EWFS), Inc.

  1. Does EWFS, Inc., currently have any competitive advantages? Why or why not? Will this change once the new food court is built?
  2. Initially, how did Robert Kopcheck choose to use the pizza operations to compete? What were the competitive priorities for the pizza operations? Order qualifiers? Order winners?
  3. Does Robert Kopcheck have reasons to be concerned about the new food court vendors? Why?
  4. Should the pizza operations be expanded further? If so, how? If not, why not?

Feel free to provide unique answers or to react to/extend/challenge already posted answers.


My requirement:

  • Must be detailed and critical, point out your opinion.
  • Maximum 500 word for all questions.SO each question maximum 125 word.
  • Use course content and case content to do this.
  • Be logical , use some logical words like first ,second, then,finally to support you reasons and ideas.





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